• This fun petting zoo fits in a smaller area (30' X 30' recommended). Grassy area required with shade preferable.

• Includes, but may vary with weather and availability of young animals: at least 2 miniature sheep, 2 miniature goats, giant rabbit, bunnies, tortoise, rooster, giant cockroaches, lizard, chicks, ducks, turkey.

• Can be set up inside with slight extra charge.


• Bring the farm to your place! A special party with just our farm animals: chicks, chickens, ducks, turkey, sheep, goats, calf, rabbits.

• Gobble with the turkey, quack with the ducks, and a special mini ride on our miniature horse (for children under 60 pounds)

• If your school is studying the farm, we can bring our farm animals without the pony ride.


• We bring the animals to you. You supply the props, characters and script.

• Two sheep, two goats, donkey, calf or llama.

• Call early as many of our dates are booked from previous churches.


• Why not have the children (and grownups) learn more about animals? Fun, interactive, indoor program for parties, assemblies, day cares or nursing homes.

• No mess left behind because the animals are held by us for petting.

• Cheer for your favorite turtle in our famous turtle race!

• Total 8-10 animals in one hour presentation.


• Enjoy ALL the animals! (30' X 50' area recommended); grassy area required with shade preferred. 25-30 animals

• Includes all the animals that are in the mini petting zoo, PLUS more goats, llama, miniature horse and/or miniature donkey, and baby calf. (We reserve the right change this arrangement, but at least two larger animals are included)

• Great for every event. Can be condensed in size for backyards or expanded for large events.


• Display of some of the animals in Bible time: sheep, goats, dove, rooster and donkey.

• While dressed as a shepherd, the role of the shepherd is explained and his care for his animals.

• Emphasis of the importance of the animals then (and now) and different stories about them in the Bible.

• Approximately thirty minutes. Petting allowed at the end.

• Great for Bible schools.


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